About Empower Pakistan

Empower Pakistan is a network of overseas Pakistanis providing business advice, guidance and access-to-investors to the youth of Pakistan. These overseas Pakistanis include professionals from all walks of life, dedicated to the spirit of serving their motherland.
IdeaGist Pakistan, keeping in view the vision Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, launched this incentive program “Empower Pakistan” under which one million of students from universities and colleges will be supported for a solid future foundation towards entrepreneurship.
Under the umbrella of IdeaGist, the world’s largest digital incubator platform, the program will foster mutual cooperation between educational institutions, government agencies and industries. Investors are coming together on a platform for a mutual commitment to empower Pakistani youth.
Empower Pakistan program would promote the startup ecosystem at the national level; for that, we are focused on empowering one million youth in Pakistan by providing them training, consulting and access to investors under a comprehensive and sustainable approach to launching 10,000 new businesses. So that they can contribute to the promotion of innovative technologies, creation of job opportunities, and growth of economic activities.
IdeaGist Pakistan and all its institutional partners, with the help of embassies / consulates, are active in all countries of the world at national and city level whose task is to bring together the Pakistani community to organize training sessions and other programs at national / city level.